Manett's Show & Shine bundle

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Rain Drops Detailing Supply EXCLUSIVE

Manett's Show & Shine bundle with premium microfiber towel and applicator 

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(1) One Showstopper 16 oz.

Our newest & currently limited release of the industry's best quick detailing product! Meant for quick, but effective detailing, the showstopper gives a glossy finish while cleaning surfaces quickly with no streak marks! Enhances hydrophobic properties!

Works great as a ceramic coating booster, safe for glass, chrome and gloss or clear coated wraps. Not recommended for matte finishes or wraps. Do not use on plastics or rubber.

(1) One Mega SHINE 16 oz. Multi-purpose Car & Moto Detailing Product

• Cleaning & Residue Removal
• Conditions & Protects
• Clean Neutral Scent
• Showroom Level Shine
• Lasts Twice As Long

No Alcohol = Non Flammable

Manett's Mega Shine conditions and restores your tires, vinyl, plastic, running boards, bed liners, and saddle bags which helps extend the life span of your car or bike. It applies a showroom floor shine, without leaving any greasy residue because it completely dries within 30 seconds, eliminating any possible sling back. For the hard core detail enthusiast, it is completely safe to detail under your hood because it's non flammable. We also guarantee our results will last longer than any other product.


Manett's Mega Shine can be used on the following surfaces:
Paint, Chrome, Glass, Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, Dip, Rubber, Rims, and Hoses

Shake well for 20 seconds for best results:

• Apply with foam sponge or application pad
• Spray directly on source & apply evenly
• Let solution soak in for 30 seconds
• Gently wipe off excess on rims & glass
• Detail car in well ventilated area
• Do not apply to brakes or gas pedals

CAUTION: May cause eye irritation. Contains silicones, nonionic surfactants, and other ingredients. Immediately & thoroughly flush eyes with water and if ingested seek medical attention.


(1) One Original Plush Korean Microfiber Detailing Towels (don't settle for cheaper knock-offs)!

  • KOREAN MICROFIBER - Made with high quality 470 gsm, 80% polyester, 20% polyamide, 100% split South Korean made microfiber.
  • ZERO EDGE DESIGN - The ultrasonic cut edges help prevent scratching and streaking from rough polyester overlock stitching and polyester silk or cloth edge binding.
  • PLUSH HIGH PILE - The high pile and long plush fibers pull dirt and grit away from the paint surface, and into the towel preventing scratching and swirls.
  • EXTREMELY SOFT AND GENTLE - The thick and plush fibers are double split making them softer and more gentle than normal microfiber.
  • 4 pack
  • 16 in. x 16 in.
  • 470 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
  • 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide - 100% Split Microfiber
  • Edgeless - Ultrasonic Cut
  • No Label
  • Made in South Korea

(1) One small product saver applicator 

The main complaint about microfiber applicators is the that they absorb too much product. Over the past few years, as expensive coatings have taken over the industry, the complain has only grown. Microfiber applicators make coating product application easier, quicker and more efficient, but coatings typically have a lower viscosity (not as thick - flow easier) so they soak through the microfiber to the sponge, wasting valuable product.

Our solution to this problem is the [Saver Applicator]. We have added a layer of a hydrophobic material between the microfiber and sponge. This prevents excess coating product from soaking through the microfiber into the sponge. It also limits excess product buildup which can become gummy and tacky as the coating begins to cure.

They are two-tone only to differentiate them from the standard microfiber applicators, which don’t have the product saver hydrophobic layer. The two sides function exactly the same.

They are available in 3 sizes. 


*** Microfiber towel color may be different than pictured, depending on stock.