Gtechniq D3 Deck UV Protect

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D3 Deck UV Protect 1L


  • Coating of choice for Mediterranean and Caribbean based yachts
  • Attractive natural look
  • Intense UV protection for maximum anti grey effect
  • Independently proven in the world’s most respected weathering test centre (Q-Lab, Arizona)

Why use D3 Deck UV Protect?

D3 incorporates an incredibly strong UV filter which will keep wood from bleaching in the sun. Unlike other deck coatings it does not give a patchwork effect. D3 UV protect can be over coated with D1 Deck Protect. Each litre of UV Protect will cover approximately 8 meters squared.

Storage and use

  • Shake very well before use
  • Do not dilute
  • Ensure surface to be treated is dry and free from any fats or oils
  • Prior to application ensure ambient temperature is above 5 degrees celcius
  • The moisture content of the wood should be less than 18 percent
  • Apply two coats of D3 using a paint brush or sponge with a 4-6 hour interval between coats
  • D3 can be stored for up to 12 months at temperatures between 5 degrees celcius and 30 degrees celcius
  • D3 UV Deck Protect has a shelf life of 2 years from purchase, for best result, use within 1 year of opening

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