ADG Wipeout / IK 1.5 Sprayer / Glide Clay Pad Bundle

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The ultimate waterless wash bundle or clay bar kit!

(1) Wipeout Waterless Wash Concentrate Quart


Wipeout Hybrid Wash is an eco friendly rinse free solution that offers a myriad of cleaning options. 

From exteriors to interiors.  

Wipeout Hybrid Wash is safe on all surfaces.


Rinseless wash can be diluted at ratios from 1:384. 1:256. 1:128 depending on desired cleaning ability. 


Waterless wash 1:32

Clay lubricant 1:10

Powerful Glass Cleaner 1:256




American Detailer Garage LLC cannot be held liable for any damages caused by misuse or unrecommended use of their products.



Keep away from children

If consumed , dial 911 immediately 


(1) Adam's IK 1.5 Foam Sprayer - 35oz

Perfectly paired with Ultra Foam Shampoo or your favorite cleaner.

  • Large filling mouth
  • Ergonomic design
  • Strong translucent tank with level indicator
  • 35oz capacity
  • Adjustable spray pattern tip
  • Made in EU


This Adam's iK 1.5 Foam Sprayer and Ultra Foam Combo is the perfect way to foam down your ride with a thick, sudsy soap solution, without the need of a pressure washer!

Fill the canister with approximately 32oz of water, then add 2-3oz of Ultra Foam Shampoo for best results. Shake to mix the solution, and then pressurize the sprayer with around 20-30 pumps. You can then foam away!

There is enough foam in one pressurized cycle to foam down an average size door panel, front fender, or large wheel for example. Then do another 20-30 pumps and move onto another section. One fill of 35oz canister with water and Ultra Foam Shampoo should be enough to foam down about half of a normal size sedan before you will need to refill the canister with more water and shampoo. Make sure to clean out the canister thoroughly after each use for trouble-free operation.

The Adam's iK 1.5 Foam Sprayer has rugged construction that can stand up to most chemicals no problem, so there are more uses than just with our car shampoos - try it out with Adam's Wheel Cleaner, Tire & Rubber Cleaner, and Eco All Purpose Cleaner too!



(1) Angelwax Glide detailing Clay Sponge

Angelwax Glide is a decontamination Clay Polisponge designed for the removal of tar, tree sap, fallout and contamination from your vehicles paintwork, glass and wheels.

Anglewax Glide detailing Clay Sponge is an alternative to traditional clay bars and can be used many times, simply cleane thoroughly after use.

We recommend using Angelwax Glide detailing clay sponges with a suitable clay lubricant.

Read instructions fully before use.