Rain Drops Design Studios Tri Fold Basic

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Rain Drops Design Studios Tri Fold Basic

Rain Drops Design Studios is our in-house graphic and design business that can help you grow by keeping your advertising efforts super focused and professional while you bring the skill. From logo concept to design, business name direction, start up guidance, product selection, advertising, flyers, to social media and more. Not only do our dealer plans allow for discounts on product, but design work as well. Already have a logo? No problem. We can often use your existing logo and integrate it seamlessly into an advertising blitz that will help put you on the map. Our Tri Fold BASIC package includes 8.5" x 11"  folding brochure design for your company based on a high resolution version that will allow you to begin to brand your company as a true professional. Please contact us before purchasing this service to ensure this is the best selection for your needs.


Stand alone design work billed at $30.00/ hr. Design work using your existing logo requires hi resolution or vector images. 50% deposit for all additional design work projects. No final images will be released without full payment. No exceptions.