AngelWax Ultimate Foam Kit

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AngelWax Ultimate Foam Kit

AngelWax 2 Foam Kit with Professional Foam Cannon

(1) Professional Foam Cannon

Professional Foam Cannon Adjustable w/ 32oz Bottle.

  • 1/4" Quick connect plug inlet.
  • 1.25mm orifice, 5000psi max.
  • 5.3 GPM, wit 32oz tank.
  • Requires minimum 1.8 GPM flow and 1100 psi to operate.
  • AngelWax Custom Label

(1)AngelWax FASTFOAM

1000 ml Professional Detailing Snowfoam,

Angelwax Fastfoam, our 'Professional Detailing Snowfoam’ is used by detailers throughout the world creating a blanket of sticky foam which covers the vehicle and clings to its surface before removing dirt, traffic film and other harmful deposits safely from your vehicle.


'Recommended Snowfoam' 2012

Angelwax Fastfoam has been awarded the product title of ‘Recommended Snowfoam’ in 2012.


Use with foam cannon

Fastfoam has been specifically designed to give outstanding results when used through a foaming lance or chemical bottle of a pressure washer. Fastfoam can be diluted 1 part to 9 parts with water (1:9).



Before applying Fastfoam, always rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer using cold water to remove any loose dirt.
Using a foam cannon on your pressure washer, apply a generous layer of Fastfoam using the stated dilution ratios and ensure that the foam remains on the vehicle for a minimum of 10 minutes before removing with a pressure washer.

TOP TIP: The longer the foam remains on the vehicle the more effective it will be at breaking down dirt.


1000 ml Concentrated Orange Prewash,

Angelwax Cleanliness is a powerful citrus-odored pre-wash. It is specifically formulated to remove bugs, road grime, bird lime and other general contamination from the vehicles bodywork. Cleanliness can also be used via a foam lance or pressure pump sprayer.


Wax & Sealant Safe

Cleanlines is high foaming, solvent free and completely wax & sealant safe.


Useable with foaming lance

Although Angelwax Cleanlines is designed as a ready to use product for lighter soiling, we have found it dilutes down very well making it go further with the foaming lance.


Cleanliness has been designed to be used through a foaming lance on a pressure washer or via the supplied trigger spray. It’s safe to use on all vehicle surfaces and it won’t harm your existing wax and sealant layers.

For heavily soiled vehicles use 1:1 dilution and for lightly soiled vehicles use up to 1:5 dilution.

Key Features:

  • High Foaming Citrus Pre-Wash
  • Solvent Free and safe to use on all surfaces
  • Won’t harm your wax & sealant layers

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