Angelwax Enigma complete kit

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Angelwax Enigma complete kit

Angelwax ENIGMA complete kit including ENIGMA shampoo, ENIGMA QED, and ENIGMA 33 ml ceramic wax

Enigma 33 ml Premium ceramic infused wax with up to 12 months protection

BEST IN CLASS & World renowned hyper wax, designed to be used with Enigma shampoo and Enigma QED Quick Detailer system.

This is the latest creation from our favorite mad scientist in the Angelwax creation lab.


Angelwax Enigma is our unique state of the art detailing wax, incorporating complex ceramic molecules which have been designed and formulated to offer outstanding durability paired with an uncompromising high gloss finish. Unlike conventional detailing waxes, the ceramic component within Angelwax Enigma bond to the vehicle's surface whilst filling microscopic holes and pores in the paintwork to ensure a completely smooth and level finish. This not only improves the overall gloss and finish but also aids in better water sheeting and self cleaning properties


For outstanding results, ensure that the surface to be treated has been thoroughly prepared before use. Apply Angelwax Enigma to one panel at a time using a clean, dry microfiber pad or foam applicator.  Allow at least 2 minutes for the wax to cure to the bodywork before removing with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.



Enigma Ceramic  SHAMPOO


500 ml Enigma Superior Automotive Shampoo,


Angelwax Enigma Shampoo is a gentle, highly concentrated and pH neutral ceramic infused bodywork shampoo. The shampoo is designed to keep your car cleansed and streak free. Extremely gentle for your paintwork / skin and completely wax safe.




Bodywork cleansing


Enigma Shampoo is designed to keep vehicle bodywork cleansed and streak free. It’s a thick, slow pouring and highly concentrated bodywork shampoo that is designed to produce an intense foam and amazing odor.




pH neutral


This product doesn’t contain any pH levels exceeding those of your bodywork and will cleanse it without damaging it’s core framework.




Extremely gentle


Superior Shampoo produces an intense foam and amazing odor. It’s extremely gentle for your paintwork and skin plus completely wax safe.




Ceramic Re Charge


Enigma shampoo was specially designed to work with Enigma ceramic wax and provide gentle cleansing, while adding protection at the same time. Think of it as adding layers to your existing wax while you are washing!






Simply add two or three small capfuls of the shampoo to a bucket and fill with water creating a rich lather. Angelwax Enigma Automotive Shampoo can also be applied through the foam cannon of a pressure washer.



Angelwax Enigma QED


(Quick Exterior Detailing spray) is the perfect solution when there is no time for waxing, yet the appearance of a freshly waxed vehicle is required. QED adds an layer of protection on top of your existing Enigma ceramic wax coatings.




Perfect for everyday use


Our unique ceramic formulation adds an additional layer of protection on top of your existing Enigma wax coatings to further enhance the appearance and protection of your vehicle.




Post wash solution


QED also works as an excellent post wash solution to remove dust and watermarks, leaving the bodywork with a beautiful wetlook, gloss finish






For outstanding results, apply Angelwax Enigma QED to bodywork after your vehicle has been washed with Enigma Shampoo and rinsed. Simply spray Angelwax QED onto a clean, microfiber cloth and polish each panel to a high gloss finish with long lasting protection.